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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

cloth diaper terms

Today I am going to share with you some terms you may not other wise know:

swish to put the diaper in the potty and swish it around to get the poopy off.. If your child is exclusively breastfed you will not have to do this because breastfeed poopy is 100% water soluble.

prep This involves a big kettle, your stove and boiling water. Boil the diapers for 15 minutes then do your wash cycle. *do not boil the poly-urethane laminate)

wash cycle how you wash your diapers. My cycle is 1. cold rinse, 2. hot wash. 3. repeat hot rinse 4. dry

sunning the best way to dry your diapers is out side in the sun not only does this bleach the yucko stains but help keep the stink at bay and your babies bum happy.

tomorrow I will discuss buy used diaper terminology.

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