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Saturday, June 25, 2011

1year of the good the bad and ugly: personal cloth reviews

Today I am sharing with you my experience of the good and the bad on my cloth journey. I will tell you the good about each diaper and the bad that I have found... I will also be sharing some pictures with you :)

First up is a sustaibale babish/sloomb. This has been my all time favorite diaper. With 2 layers of organic cotton through the day and and extra doubler for the night it keeps baby's bum happy and leak free. The only down side I have noticed is the run smaller but not bad. I love the fact that they now come in different colors. You can also purchase these is snap or snapless. It is so soft you can rub in on your cheeks :P.

Next up is the G-diaper. This is probably my least favorite. It is ultra trim but the cloth inserts are expensive and the disposable one are just as much and disposable diapers. I never had an issue with leaks, this is one I would recommend to the semi-eco conscience parent. To the parents that are cloth diapering for money saving reasons I wouldn't recommend the G-diaper system.

This is a made by me flannel pocket with a microfiber insert. For beginner sewers this is a super easy pattern and the absorb quite well. However once your dear one starts peeing in volumes past the baby stage they can become quite saturated and smell. The smell does wash out but like I said not for big babies.

This is also a made my me diaper with flannel, crushed panne, and PUL. I use a variety of inserts. I have never had leaking issues with it but I have never used it as a over night diaper either.

With Uber cute prints gen-y makes some pretty awesome side snapping covers. they will cover a fitter or pre-fold. When using prefolds with this cover you will actually have to fold them because they don't work to easy with the tri-fold method.

Ahh, the rump a rooz my first experience with pocket diapers. Can I just say I love them. They do run small because my 13 month old is on the last rise setting and weight a mere 18 pounds. They come in newborn sizes known as lil joesys.

Thirsties duo diaper. I was not too sure on these at first. they have 2 inserts a cotton one and a microfiber one. I'm neutral one these I dont like them but I also do not dislike them. They do their job and do it well. but not my fave.

Thirsties duo size cover. I like these I really do. They come in quite a variety of prints but also solids. My favorite are the snapping ones because once your little one learns to explore, the velcro/aplix sound causes curiosity and you may find your little tyke sporting a nakey bum.

the flip system. Ok so this is cool because it goes from tiny to potty learning stages. You have your choice to purchase the system with organic cotton inserts or stay dry microfiber inserts. I chose the microfiber inserts and like them however my favorite part of this system is the covers. I have heard a lot of mama's say they just buy the covers because they are awesome.

Bum genius 3.0, I got this diaper used at a kid to kid and found they are pretty neat. They start little probably around 8/9 lbs depending on how your little one is built. They absorb great. They have great customer service for problems you may incur
when the aplix wears and the elastic wears you can purchase a repair kit for a whopping one dollar. :D

Bummis beautiful basic.

You can purchase bigger kits but I happened to recieve this one as a gift. They run big but are uber easy to use. They beautiful basic pack comes with 1 wrap/cover and 3 organic cotton prefolds. These are very much capable of using the tri-fold method. Infact thats what they are met to do.

osocozy prefolds. Love love love prefolds. I thought I would hate them but they are my favorite diapers. Easy to use, easy to care for.

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